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Barlean's Flax Chia Coconut blend is a Nutritional Powerhouse rich in Omega-3, dietary fiber, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and plant-based protein. This delicious, all-organic mix is an easy way to support digestive health* and fuel your body with the combined benefits of nature's most nutrient dense superfoods:

PREMIUM GROUND FLAXSEED: A natural source of fiber and Omega-3 (ALA) essential fatty acids, our fresh, cold-milled flaxseed is also a concentrated source of lignans and all 10 essential amino acids (a complete vegetable protein).

CHIA SEED: A diet staple of the ancient Aztecs, Chia has been revered as a natural appetite suppressant and offers a comprehensive range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In addition to fiber and Omega-3, Chia also has more antioxidant power than blueberries.

COCONUT: A natural source of fiber, minerals, and beneficial medium-chain fatty acids, unsweetened shredded coconut contains a wide range of minerals, including iron, potassium, manganese and selenium.
  • 2,330mg Omega-3
  • 3g Fiber
  • Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan
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