celebrating 30 years of making healthy oils  

Back to basics and into the future. 

It started with us geeking out on the best way to press flax seeds. Then we created fish oil that kids actually beg their parents for. Then we got organic coconut oil to taste like butter. And today we're bringing you innovative ways to take your CBD hemp oil. What's next? You'll just have to wait and see. Here's to 30 more years!


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November Giveaway (cupcake not included)

This month's giveaway showcases where we started (flax!!) and where we are now (CBD!!) and we're excited to share it with you!

The winner will receive one bottle each of the following:


On the last day of every month, we select a lucky person* at random to receive one or more of our fabulous products. Why, you ask? Because it's fun and we like to make people feel good!

Take the quiz, then submit the form below to be entered to win. 

*Winner will be notified within 3-5 days.



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