Barlean's has long been known for our Seriously Delicious emulsified fish and flax oils (formerly called Omega Swirl), and now we also bring that same technology to CBD. Why is that so important? While many of us may think we absorb all the nutrients in the supplements we take, that isn’t necessarily true. Barlean’s uses a proprietary process (not just an ingredient!) to emulsify our oils, turning them into creamy delicious treats. This is important to you for three reasons. 

1. Enhanced Absorption: 

By emulsifying the nutritional oil in our Seriously Delicious products, we make the nutrients in them more bioavailable (absorbable) to your body. That means you get more nutritional value out of every spoonful. How much more? Barlean’s Seriously Delicious CBD hemp oil, and fish and flax oils are more absorbable than typical oils in liquid form or softgel form. In fact, our Omega-3 fish and flax oils are 3X more absorbable.

2. No Fish Burps: 

We hate fish burps too! Ever burp back your fish oil? Not with Seriously Delicious Omega-3 fish oils! Oils can be hard to digest, and those burps are a sign your body is having trouble. Because you can absorb the emulsified nutritional oils in Seriously Delicious supplements better, you avoid those nasty after-burps.

3. A Taste that Can't be Beat:

The creamy texture and delicious taste of our Seriously Delicious products mean even kids will ask for their fish and flax oils. Hard to believe, but it’s true!

Okay, so how does emulsification work?

It works like this: Our bodies aren't really great at absorbing oils. Ever feel queasy after eating something greasy or oily? That's your body's way of saying it's having a hard time processing it. When we consume oil or fat, our bodies automatically begin to break it down with digestive enzymes and bile in order to emulsify and micronize it (mix it with water and reduce it into smaller, easier-to-absorb molecules). Once emulsified, these molecules travel down into our intestines, where theyEmulsion Graphic Isolated Speckled Background are absorbed through the intestinal wall.

Barlean’s Seriously Delicious products are pre-emulsified, so the body doesn’t need to work as hard (and potentially lose valuable nutrients doing so). This process allows you to more quickly and efficiently absorb the nutrients into your bloodstream. And better absorption means you're actually getting more of the nutrients you're after.  


Free Download: The Secret to Getting More out of Your Supplements Resources

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Find Out More About How to Get 3X More Out of Your Fish Oil

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Barlean's Emulsified Products

Now that you know the secret to getting more out of your supplements, check out what we have to offer!  

Rev. SDO3 Grp of 3-1
SeriouslY Delicious Omega-3

Taste the fruit. Not the fish or flax oil.

The creamy texture and delicious taste of our Seriously Delicious Omega-3 mean that even kids will ask for it.

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Serioulsy Delicious CBD Hemp Oil

You've never had CBD like this!

Our patented process turns nutritional oils into creamy treats designed for superior absorption and bioavailability. Also available in tinctures and softgels.

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