Dog Days of Summer Giveaway!

It's time for some serious puppy love!

At Barlean's, our love of dogs runs deep, so our August giveaway includes some wonderful products to pamper and support the health of your pooch. We'll choose three big winners this month, so enter now! 

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(The Good Stuff!)

Our Products

We're excited to share some of our favorite products with you.  See what's new or exciting... or look for products using our product search page.

Pathway to a better life

We Make Good Stuff To Do Good Stuff

As part of our commitment to supporting the health of every person on the planet, we donate a significant portion of our corporate profits to help create a better life for people, both here in the US and abroad. Some areas of focus include stopping human trafficking, supporting families with autism, preventing childhood blindness, supporting local food banks and helping children around the world transcend poverty.

We see our products as way more than nutritional supplements... they're our way of helping people in need. And we're in this together. When you choose to invest in your health with Barlean’s, you're also helping to better the lives of people across the globe.

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