A farmer cutting a piece of a flax plant on their work equipment.

Our mission

At Barlean's, we believe people can make a difference in the world through ordinary purchases. We’re on a mission to make premium natural supplements and functional foods that feed the mind and body and using our profits to support outreach programs for people in need, both locally and around the world. We source high quality ingredients and treat everyone along our supply chain with care and respect - from the farmers who grow our ingredients, to our retailers and employees, to the people who use our products.

Our Core Values

BALANCE We believe that good quality work comes from making time for faith, family, health, fun, and community.
INITIATIVE We value and empower proactive people who make sound decisions based on data, collaboration and our core values.
GROWTH Our work environment encourages and supports the dreams and desires of everyone in the company.
PARTNERSHIP For us, business isn’t about making and selling stuff. We see it as a way to work in partnership with others to create benefits for all.
INNOVATION We embrace out-of-the-box thinking to continuously improve our products.
CHARACTER In everything we do, we act with integrity, transparency, and humility.