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If you're giving your dog CBD, they probably aren't getting as  much as you think. Most pet CBD products are made just like traditional CBD tinctures for people, which are only absorbed well when they're held under the tongue for a minute or more. But we haven't met a dog yet that will hold oil (or anything) under his/her tongue for five seconds much less one minute. This product solves that problem since our proprietary formula makes digestion easier so you can put it right on their food!

Give your pup better, faster results. Our CBD for Dogs uses a proprietary formula designed for better, faster absorption than traditional CBD hemp oils for pets. This means your best friend gets more of the CBD you paid for - and feels the benefits faster, as well.

Barlean's CBD for Dogs has what you want...

  • Fast-acting formula so your dog feels the benefit faster
  • Maximum absorption means your dog gets more CBD from every drop
  • Easy to use: just add to food or give orally
  • Unflavored, with no artificial flavors or colors
  • Full spectrum CBD hemp oil
  • 25mg CBD per 20 drops

In a product you trust...

  • Third party tested with all results available online 24/7
  • US Hemp Authority certified, so you know it's safe and legal
  • From a trusted company thats been making nutritional oils for 30+ years

Why give your best friend Barlean's CBD for Dogs?


CBD for Dog with HA-1

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