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Seriously Delicious Omega Pals

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Discover our Chirpin Slurpin Lemonade - a delicious omega-3 supplement that kids love and parents trust.

Why Choose Our Chirpin Slurpin Lemonade?

  • Specially formulated for children ages 1 year and up
  • Packed with 540mg of Omega-3 EPA & DHA per serving
  • Made with Barlean's purified Fresh Catch® fish oil for premium quality
  • Emulsified for 3X better absorption compared to standard fish oil
  • Irresistible sweet taste and creamy texture kids adore
  • No fish burps - making it easy for kids to enjoy daily
  • Meets diverse dietary needs: Non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free
  • Pure ingredients: No artificial flavors or colors

Omega-3s are crucial for your child's growth and development, but getting kids to take fish oil can be a challenge. Our Chirpin Slurpin Lemonade turns this essential supplement into a treat they'll look forward to every day.

Experience the difference with Chirpin Slurpin Lemonade - where superior nutrition meets kid-approved taste.

Ready to boost your child's health in a way they'll love? Try Chirpin Slurpin Lemonade today and watch them chirp for more!

More About This Product

Omega-3s: The Secret Ingredient for Growing Bodies and Minds


Introducing Omega Pals - the game-changer in children's nutrition that makes essential Omega-3s a daily treat, not a chore!


Why Omega Pals Stands Out:


  • Packed with 540mg of EPA/DHA from our ultra-purified Fresh Catch® fish oil
  • Creamy texture and fruit smoothie taste kids can't resist
  • No fishy flavor - just pure, fruity goodness

The End of Omega-3 Struggles:



Forget the battles over swallowing large soft gels or the grimaces from oily liquid fish oils. Omega Pals transforms this essential nutrient into a delightful experience.


A Taste Revolution:


Our Chirpin' Slurpin' Lemonade flavor is so irresistible, even the pickiest eaters ask for more! Kids taste the fruit, not the fish - it's that simple.


Versatile and Fun:


Enjoy it straight off the spoon, mixed into yogurt, or blended into smoothies. The possibilities are as endless as your child's imagination!


Science-Backed, Parent-Approved:


We've cracked the code on making Omega-3s kid-friendly without compromising on quality or nutritional value.

Give your child the Omega-3 advantage they deserve, in a form they'll love. Try Omega Pals today and watch your little ones chirp for more!

Suggested Use

1 1/2 tsp daily. Slurp from a spoon or mix into smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, and more.

Refrigerate after opening. Keep out of reach of children and never give to pets.

Subscription Frequency
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Simply, the best

This stuff is amazing. It literally has no fishy smell, or taste at all. My child loves it. Consistency is also fantastic

My son wanted the whole bottle!

This stuff smells and tastes amazing! I bought this to help my sons cognitive function and to help his very dry skin and it has worked great for both!

Best Stuff for Littles

My son loves it. I have seen a difference in his focus and attention since using this. He is such a picky eater but loves this and will even remind me to give it to him.

Linda Lenssen
Lemonade fish oil

I bought for my 18 month old granddaughter as fish oil is SO good for brain development. She LOVES it!

Angie Fairchild
Love it

Wonderful product! I've seen a difference in my son's focus and attitude. He loves the taste! We had trouble with him taking the pills. No trouble with this.

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