Olive Leaf Complex - Peppermint

Olive Leaf Complex

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  • Contains ingredients traditionally used to support immune health and studied for their potential antimicrobial properties
  • Full spectrum liquid blend with antioxidant ingredients to support overall wellness.
  • Provides a blend of antioxidant ingredients and 95mg  Oleuropein per serving
  • May support a healthy immune system and cardiovascular health*
  • Non-GMO, kosher, sustainably sourced

More About This Product

Olive leaves have been valued for centuries, with traditions dating back to ancient Egypt. Today, olive leaf extract is gaining attention worldwide. Researchers are exploring the potential benefits of olive leaf compounds, particularly oleuropein, a naturally occurring substance with antioxidant properties.

Our Olive Leaf Complex features leaves sourced from Spain's Andalusian region, known for its rich olive-growing heritage. These carefully selected leaves contain oleuropein and a variety of polyphenols - plant compounds that have become a focus of scientific interest.

Barlean's Olive Leaf Complex offers a convenient way to incorporate this time-honored botanical into your daily routine. Experience the potential of olive leaf extract for yourself!

Suggested Use

Take directly from the bottle or add to water, tea or other drinks.

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Customer Reviews

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Helps with Anxiety and Brain Fog

I tried this product a week ago for an infection, but to my surprise, the anxiety that I had struggled with for a while, subsided within a few minutes of the first dose. I was mystified and proceeded to do some research on the benefits of both glycerin and olive leaf, and yes, both address anxiety. Since that day, my long-standing brain fog has also cleared. I put a tablespoon in a dropper bottle and use it throughout the day. I feel so much calmer and at ease. For me, this has been a miracle!

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