A woman with a spoon in her mouth looking to the side.
A woman with a spoon in her mouth looking to the side.

Unlock the Secret to Superior Supplement Absorption: Barlean's Emulsification Technology

Are you getting the full benefit of your supplements? With Barlean's revolutionary emulsification process, you can maximize your nutrient intake like never before.

Why Barlean's Emulsified Products Are Your Best Choice:

  1. Unparalleled Absorption: • Our Seriously Delicious® emulsified oils are  3X more absorbable than typical oils. • Experience enhanced bioavailability for fish oils, flax oils, and even CBD.
  2. Say Goodbye to Fish Burps: • No more unpleasant after-effects from your omega-3 supplements. • Enjoy the benefits without the digestive discomfort.
  3. Taste That Delights: • Creamy texture and delicious flavors that even kids love. • Turn your daily supplement routine into a treat you'll look forward to.

The Science Behind Our Success:

Barlean's proprietary emulsification process mimics your body's natural digestive actions, pre-emulsifying oils to: • Reduce molecule size for easier absorption • Minimize digestive stress • Maximize nutrient delivery to your bloodstream

Don't Settle for Less:

With typical supplements, you may be losing valuable nutrients during digestion. Barlean's Seriously Delicious® products ensure you're getting more of what you pay for.

Experience the Barlean's Difference:

Join thousands who have discovered the power of superior absorption. Try our Seriously Delicious® emulsified products today and feel the difference that optimal nutrient delivery can make in your health journey.

Barlean's: Where cutting-edge science meets delicious nutrition. Because you deserve the best from your supplements.

An infographic showing that a standard oil molecule is too large to enter our system properly, but Seriously Delicious micro-droplets easily make their way in so we can absorb them.

"I agree with all comments that it is great tasting. I am diligently searching for additional liquid supplements of high quality because I also believe them to be more readily available to the body. Barlean's is a brand I trust."