Four reasons why you should supplement with Fish Oil

Image: Fish oil soft gels on counter with coffee

Omega-3 is essential. It is something we all need, everyday. You can get some from certain foods—but supplementing with fish oil makes it easy to get the 1,000 mg you need daily. Here are 4 reasons why you should supplement with fish oil.

1. It’s excellent for heart health and supports healthy cholesterol levels. (1)

2. The Omega-3s in fish oil also support brain health. Studies show they may be important for mood and memory support. (2)

3. Omega-3s in fish oil are peacemakers in your body—they help to lessen the inflammatory response that could lead to health problems over time. (3)

4. Supplementation daily lets us be sure that we are getting enough Omega-3. We still want to consume foods like walnuts and salmon, but since most people don't eat them daily, supplements make it easy for us to be confident that we are getting adequate Omega-3s. (4)


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