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Better together: Take your Omega-3s with these vitamins to magnify their effects


You’re probably aware that some medications can block the effects of others. But did you know that some nutrients can magnify each other? 

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Eye Health Eye Remedy Seriously Delicious Vision Care
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Vision Care with Eye Remedy


It’s not news to anyone that usage of digital devices is more prevalent than ever. Our exposure to harmful, high-energy blue light from screens increased significantly during the global pandemic.

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The Truth About Flaxseed Oil

The Truth About Flaxseed Oil


Once upon a time, flaxseed oil was synonymous with “Omega-3.” The American public was just beginning to learn about the glory of Omega-3 fats, as freshly published research on the Inuit of the Arctic north showed th...

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CBD Hemp Oil Ideal CBD Seriously Delicious
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What is CBD Hemp Oil?


Given the high level of interest in CBD, it stands to reason that people have a lot of questions. For instance, does hemp oil have CBD?

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Kids Omega-3s Seriously Delicious Vitamin D

What "Back To School" Looks Like After A Pandemic


My earliest professional training—before I ever studied nutrition—was in psychology, and to this day, nutrition and psychology remain the two fields I’m most interested in. More times than you might expect, they act...

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6 Easy Ways To Up Your Omega Intake: For Key Lime Pie Lovers

6 Easy Ways To Up Your Omega Intake: For Key Lime Pie Lovers


Is key lime pie your weakness? Well it's time to turn it into one of your strengths by reaching for Barlean's Seriously Delicious® Key Lime Pie fish oil when you're craving your favorite treat!

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